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We specialize in residential shingle roofing - reroofing or new construction roofs for homeowners.
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Platinum Roofing - Your Certified Roof Contractor in Ottawa provides snow and ice rooftop removal during the winter season.

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Leaking roof? Damage can happen to your roof by winds, animals, etc. Call Platinum - we are your Ottawa Roofing Company!

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Platinum Roofing is a trusted provider of roofing services to homeowners in the Ottawa and surrounding area. Our goal is to provide exceptional value and service exceeding our customer's expectations on every roofing job we undertake, from new roof installations to extensive roof repair jobs for both the residential homeowner to commercial businesses.

Areas we specialize in are: residential re-roofing, new construction roofing, metal roofs, roof repairs, ventilation, siding, skylight installation and roof top snow and ice removal.

Why Choose Platinum Roofing as your Ottawa Roofing Company?

There are many reasons as to why to choose us as your Ottawa roofing company. From start to finish we will be there until your roofing project is completed to your 100% satisfaction. We have been in business for over 10 years, we are certified roof contractors in Ottawa and have installed thousands of roofs for homeowners.

Business Ratings -
our customers have given us top ratings.
No Sub-Contractors -
The owner of Platinum Roofing manages and oversees every project. We never use subcontractors this ensures you will receive the best professional roofing service and products for a job beyond well done.
Certificates of Accreditation -
Platinum Roofing is certified as a ShingleMaster Ottawa roofing company so we can provide you with a “Surestart Plus” warranty extension. Which will get you a 50 year non-pro-rated warranty, and a 130 MPH wind warranty. Our employees hold Certainteed roof certifications that can only be earned by rigourous testing which occurs regularly to remain qualified as a Professional Certified Roof contractor in Ottawa.
Our team is fully covered by WSIB.
We are a fully insured Roofing Contractor in Ottawa -
We carry $2 million of liability insurance to cover you and your neighbours against any property or injury damages.

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What to Expect When You Hire Us

We will keep you informed at every stage of your project. At Platinum Roofing we don't believe in guesswork. Our roof quotes are thorough, not just rough estimates. We want you to know exactly what you'll be getting so there are no unexpected surprises. We accurately measure your roof and inspect it for issues that may affect the cost, like rotting, decking or problems with ventilation or flashing. The completed quote provides specifications and prices for all elements of your roof system: roof deck, ventilation, eave protection, flashing, underlayment and shingles.

No Platinum Roof is complete until it has passed final inspection by a senior roofing technician. Covering over 50 crucial requirements of a quality installation, the inspection also includes many points assessing the quality of the cleanup. We ensure there is no mess left behind and no damage to your property.

Your Feedback and Satisfaction is important! We constantly seek improvement in every step of our roof installation process – from first contact to job completion – and your comments let us know how we're doing. You will receive a client feedback form so you can tell us about your experience and help us in our quest for perfection in our roofing service.

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Ottawa Roofing Company News, Information & Homeowner Tips

March 2015 - Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa Roof Top Snow Ice Removal
This Winter's Homeowner Headaches - Ice Dams and Snow on Ottawa Roofs

Ottawa's 2015 winter spring is similar to last year for home owners who are experiencing a buildup of those long icicles dripping off their roofs that causes Ice Dams. A combination of heavy snowfall this winter and fluctuating temperatures has led to a build up of ice on many homes in Ottawa.

Ice damming occurs when snow melts on the roofs of older homes (and even new homes) with poor insulation. Ice then freezes in the eavestrough blocking water from running off the edge of the roof, water then travels along the roof, under shingles and possibly causing leaks into your home.

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