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Ottawa Roofing Company - Ice Dams and Snow on Roofs
Ottawa Roof Top Snow Ice Removal

March 2016, Ottawa, Ontario

This Winter's Homeowner Headaches - Ice Dams and Snow on Ottawa Roofs

Ottawa's 2016 winter spring is similar to last year for home owners who are experiencing a buildup of those long icicles dripping off their roofs that causes Ice Dams. A combination of heavy snowfall this winter and fluctuating temperatures has led to a build up of ice on many homes in Ottawa.

Ice damming occurs when snow melts on the roofs of older homes (and even new homes) with poor insulation. Ice then freezes in the eavestrough blocking water from running off the edge of the roof, water then travels along the roof, under shingles and possibly causing leaks into your home.

Platinum Roofing Ottawa has been working overtime this March and into April removing ice and snow from roof tops. With the unpredictable warm temperatures that is followed by flash-freezes makes it a busy time. Removing ice dams and snow from roofs on homes with inadequate or blocked roof ventilation will elevate any leaks into the homes but that is just a short term fix. Proper roof ventilation is required to prevent damage.

If it's a big snow and ice removal roof job - a professional should be called. It can be tricky for the home owner to do without endangering themselves and incurring more damage to their roofs with possibly chipping and scraping the shingles off.

You have ice snow buildup on your roof that requires removal? Call Platinum Roofing - Your Ottawa Roofing Company and we will take care of it!

Ice Dam Defense
There are three ways to defend against the damage ice dams cause: insulation, ventilation and water-proofing shingle underlayment. All three work together. Insulation keeps heat from escaping from your home's living space into your attic. Ventilation removes the heat and helps keep the roof deck evenly cool to help prevent snow from melting on the roof. Finally, waterproofing shingle underlayment, such as WinterGuard,™ is laid across the roof before roof shingles are applied. WinterGuard is warranted against leaks from dams that do form on the roof.

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